The Law Offices of Christian Thompson has extensive experience in the handling of accidents in which our clients have been seriously injured when their cars have been struck by tractor-trailers. We have experienced investigators able to conduct a rapid and thorough investigation of the accident scene to preserve physical evidence, video surveillance, data within instruments in the tractors that record critical information, and identify witnesses before such critical evidence disappears.

Our firm has long-standing relationships with tractor-trailer experts and engineers who are often used by us to prove the fault of the truck companies in these complex cases in precise, scientific, and convincing ways. We are familiar with the interplay between federal regulations regarding tractor-trailers involved in interstate travel as well as Pennsylvania and New Jersey laws and regulations. An understanding of the regulations and laws governing the operation and maintenance of tractor-trailers is critical to the proper handling of these cases.

The following is a sample of our firm’s recoveries in tractor-trailer accidents:

  • $775,000.00
  • $750,000.00
  • $725,000.00
  • $250,000.00