The Law Office of Christian Thompson has experience handling accidents involving serious personal injuries that happen on construction sites or as a result of improperly constructed or designed structures.  Examples of such negligent construction and design defects are as follows: excessively high curb heights at public or private structures, negligently maintained construction sites, raised restaurant patios without guardrails, negligently designed public parking lots, stores and restaurants without the necessary protective devices to prevent cars from crashing into and through the fronts of such commercial establishments, and commercial sidewalks without proper drainage or lighting which result in dangerous ice formations.

The above cases require knowledge of the appropriate local, state, and federal  regulations, the interrelationship between general contractor, sub-contractor, design and architectural firm contracts, and the law that applies to the relationships between these entities. Our firm has acquired this knowledge from handling negligent construction and design cases and from retaining experts in the field to help us prove our cases.

The following is a sample of our recoveries in these cases:

$1.15 Million