The Law Offices of Christian Thompson represents injured individuals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  For decades, we have achieved large awards and settlements on behalf of our clients.

The following are just some of the types of cases we handle. Lawsuits are not always easy to fit into simple categories, therefore we encourage anyone interested in filing a claim, whether they see it here or not, to call us at 610-359-1009. You may also fill out the form on this page for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents

Auto claims involve complicated issues. Our experience in handling these cases will ensure that the value of your claim is maximized.

Tractor-Trailer Accidents

If you have been struck and seriously injured by the driver of a tractor-trailer, the issues involved are even more complex than a collision with a private automobile. We have handled numerous serious cases involving tractor-trailer accidents and are very familiar with how to conduct the specific investigations required.

Slip and Fall Accidents

The proper handling of injuries caused by falls on residential or commercial property due to dangerous conditions are often complicated and involve numerous responsible parties, notice requirements, and the interrelationship of local, state, and sometimes federal regulations.

Construction Accidents

Life-changing injuries can result from improperly maintained construction sites or negligently designed public or private structures.

Premises Liability

If you are seriously injured due to a dangerous condition on residential or commercial property, you may be entitled to compensation.

On-The-Job Accidents

Anytime you are injured while in the course of your employment, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits and may be entitled to additional compensation if the accident is caused by a person or business outside the employer-employee relationship.

Medical Malpractice

A patient trusts doctors and hospitals with his or her life. When that trust is violated due to a breach of the standard of care owed to the patient, he or she is entitled to compensation.

Accidents Involving Complex Injuries

Accidents Involving Complex Injuries such as TBI-traumatic brain injury, PTSD–Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Trauma to the Brachial Plexus, Interrelationship between Brain Injury and PTSD and the serious complications that develop into permanent limitations in cognitive functioning, Brain Injuries in Elderly People who have a history of other problems, RSD–Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, CRPS–Complex Regional Pain Syndrome that often develops from simple fractures.