Over our many years of litigating serious cases of all kinds, The Law Offices of Christian Thompson has encountered extremely complex injuries that cannot be properly and fully be presented to a jury, mediator, or high level committee in an insurance company that puts values on cases worth a lot of money, without educating theses audiences by way of a thorough and complete understanding of a complex injury explained by a medical expert with the highest credentials from the most prestigious medical schools and hospitals.

The Law Offices of Christian Thompson has developed close working relationships with some of the best experts in the nation regarding brain injuries, post-traumatic stress syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, brachial plexus trauma, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, complex regional pain syndrome, and other complex physical and psychological injuries that enable us to present these commonly misunderstood medical phenomena in ways that make the most powerful people in insurance companies, their attorneys, juries, or mediators, understand these injuries because they are explained by experts with qualifications they respect so they will  put full value on a case in order to get excellent resolutions in cases involving complex injuries.